Barceloneta Miami: Tapas and drinks done right

Barceloneta is a Spanish restaurant located in Miami Beach. Their specialties are tapas, seafood and the most amazing cocktails I’ve ever had. In the minute you step in Barceloneta you can feel the whole Spanish winery or bar vibe. It’s a modern ambient with a touch of European culture.

What you need to know

Go for dinner or lunch with the special someone. Get ready for some seriously delicious cocktails.

  • Go for dinner or lunch with the special someone. Get ready for some seriously delicious cocktails.
  • You’ll spend (three tapas, two cocktails) around $75 per person.
  • Happy Hour weekdays from 4-6 pm and Tuesdays all day!
  • Dress Code Night out outfit -see examples below-
  • Waiters/Bartenders know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about.
  • Rank:  outstanding review in TripAdvisor, featured in Miami New Times, Open Table and Zagat. 
  • Favorite dishes: Barceloneta Pulpo A Feira, Tosta de Chroizo, Patatas Bravas.
  • Favorite cocktail:  Gazpacho Bloody Mary.




Hey! it’s Dani again! Writing to you from the comfort of my home holding a Stella Artois on a weekday. That’s how you know how much I appreciate good alcohol and amazing cocktails outside the ordinary. And Barceloneta knows how to do cocktails just right.

This time I visited the restaurants with my blogger friends (kisses bellas) and the attention was amazing. We had a full explanation of every tapa and cocktail from the owner itself.

I don’t want to make this post any longer because I know that some of you don’t like to read as much and you want to cut straight to the chase. So, here are my favorites.

Good Tapas to remember

I’ve told before how much I enjoy seafood right? Well, one of my favorite things from the sea is the octopus. Barcelonetta introduced to us the “Barceloneta Pulpo A Feira” a delicious octopus served with an amazing mash potato. Our next favorite was “tosta de chorizo” with an amazing meat serve with a red sauce and “Patatas Bravas”, potatoes serve with a touch of spicy sauce and a sweet aftertaste.


Drinks to Remember

Want to try a different cocktail with a beautiful presentation? Barceloneta is the place to do it. Once we got inside the restaurant the received us with a variety of cocktails. Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Martinis and some others made with different fruits.

Our choices were:

Gazpacho Bloody Mary


and, Passion Fruit Gin & Tonic with blueberries


It doesn’t matter what you order, we can tell you with total confidence that you’ll love any drink or tapa in Barceloneta. Plus, they have a lot of vegan options, too.

There’s no excuse to go the next weekend to this place in Miami Beach.



Brunching at Milanezza

I didn’t know that one could fell in love with so many different types of Milanezza!

A couple of months ago, Nico and I were invited to an influencers brunch at Milanezza Restaurant, an Argentinian and Italian restaurant with a vintage vibe. You can go to any of their two locations: Dolphin Mall or Key Biscayne.

What you need to know

  • Go for/ with for brunch with friends
  • You’ll spend (one appetizer, main dish, drink, and dessert) about  $50 per person.
  • Happy Hour weekdays from 4-6 pm and Tuesdays all day!
  • Dress Code Casual Sunday outfit 
  • Waiters/Waitresses are above friendly, tip them well.
  • Ranked #1 Restaurant by TripAdvisor 
  • Favorite dishes: Matilda, Francesca, Burrate and Prosciutto di Parma


The look

Our first impression of the place was the stunning decoration inspired in a vintage Tasca. The outside tables were super pretty,  the area was decorated with different plants giving it a touch of color, most of the tables have benches with huge striped pillows perfect to enjoy that Sunday Brunch.



We started with some meat and cheese Argentinian empanadas,  which were very good considering I don’t really like baked empanadas -I’m an everything fried kind of girl-. We also had  Provoleta Cassoulettes which are grilled balls of provolone cheese with olive and spices. We also ate the Burrata & Prosciutto di Parma, we couldn’t have enough of it! That’s why I’m pretty sure I ate it all by myself and didn’t share -not even sorry-  But our absolute favorite was a small Spanish Octopus.  If you like seafood you definitely need to try this one.

Important Note: If you don’t like seafood, we can’t be friends. 


The Milanezza is here

There are about 15 different types of Milanezza here – Yep, I’m dead serious- but our favorites were: Francesca which is served with Mozzarella, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, baby arugula and kalamata olives – Can you see a pattern here?-  What makes it so good is the very fresh prosciutto on top, I can’t help it, I’m a fan.

On the other hand, Nico’s favorite was Matilda which comes with a cream of roasted wild mushrooms & mozzarella. I can’t lie, I’m not into mushrooms and Nico made me      -literally- eat the milanezza. And he was right,  the cream on top of this milanezza sold me into it!

There’s also different types of grill for two to share – they’re huge-  and some very good salads as a healthy option. My favorite is the Quinoa and Smoked Salmon,  although I would never go to that restaurant looking to eat something healthy, no no. If you are on a diet don’t come to a milanezza restaurant. EVERYTHING is fried -except the empanadas- JK


 The dessert

Milanezza is a family owned restaurant and they are very inspired by home-made food. There’s nothing too special about their dessert choices but what we really loved about it were the little plates in which the desserts were served in. They seemed like the plates my grandma used to own if you are latin you know exactly what I’m talking about. Those little plates that never matched one another and they had a bunch of unnecessary little flowers all over them. It felt nice to find yourself going back in time.


The Drinks

Here’s the moment you were all waiting for! We can’t help it, we’re also low key alcohol lovers -maybe no that low key-.

We had some mojitos when we went to Milanezza, nothing too special about them but they were decorated taking care of every detail and the strawberry mojito was really good. But what should do is go to this restaurant on a Tuesday, as they have all day happy hour with all the wine glasses, beers, and cocktails at 50% off.

You know where to find us on Tuesdays! On Wednesdays, we’ll be sipping free Margaritas at Cantina La 20.  Ok, maybe we have a problem…



Thank you for reading us!

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Here, some pictures of my blogger friends who can eat whatever they want and never get fat. I know, I hate them too. (Just kidding)