Hosting the Holidays the easy way.

This article is sponsored by  Drizly. All thoughts and ideas are my own.


So this year Nico and I decided to host some gatherings at our home. Actually, we are having one right now before New Year’s Eve to celebrate it with friends as we are not going to be around on the 31st.

I am NOT the best hostess and quite frankly it is very stressful to have people over but the things that one does for love right? So in this blog post, I’m going to give you my 3 simple tricks to make the holiday hosting easier.

We all love small bites.

There is no need to overwhelm yourself trying to prepare these delicious but complicated plates. We all love going to parties where there are food, dessert and a lot of alcohol.


I love to make Burrata and prosciutto bars which are self-service, they look amazing and also they are pretty easy to accomplish.

Hummus and pita bread are also always a safe choice to offer during the evening.

An old fashioned: Cheese Table!

I know, I know. It is not the most original advice but they always look nice and people always love them. Have them set up with some crackers as well so your guests can have something to pick up the cheese with.

Also, you can use this super cute Cheese Table that I got for Christmas that is going to look perfect in your coffee table.


Now we need something sweet.

I’m all about practical things and also yummy things. You can either order a cake from your local grocery store or you can have some compliments headed your way with a simple but great brownie with hot fudge + ice cream. Is there a better combination than that? I don’t think so.

You can have them cut in little pieces for your guests to serve themselves while they look super cute in your table.

No time for decoration? No problem.

Yes, you have the Christma’s tree up but is NYE and you have no idea what to do for this type of party.

Safe choice? BALLOONS!


You can do it as easy as just buying the folio balloons directly from Amazon Prime and have it arrive home by the next day, or if you are feeling crafty try to make an arch with small and big balloons like the ones on the photo.



No time to pick up to Booze? We got you!


We’ve been there, done that. You got everything you needed but you are still missing the most important thing: THE BOOZE! 

Well, this is the best hack we have ever found. You can order your favorite spirits with the Drizly App and have them delivered to your door within 1 hour. Is there anything better than that? You don’t even have to move away from your couch to get that amazing wine that you love.


We have used them twice, for Christmas and our NYE party but I think it is great for when you have unexpected guests coming to your house or if you are feeling like having cocktails and you don’t want to change your PJ’s.

You can use the code HOLIDAYCHEERS to have free delivery on your first order and start the celebration early!

You forgot something?

You can also have things like cups, crackers, ice, etc with Drizly. So lay back and enjoy your party. You deserve it.





The ultimate Instagram NYC guide.

It feels like centuries have gone by since I sat down to write a blog post about one of our trips. But well, today is the day! And we want to dedicate this blog post to the world’s capital: New York!

New York has this amazingly strong vibe that makes you feel like you can achieve anything while you are in the city. My favorite thing is walking down the streets while listening to at least three different languages in every corner. My second favorite is, of course, the food and the super-cheap tickets from Miami or Fort Lauderdale airport.

When to travel to NY.

Ticket’s price around $110 – $150 from Fort Lauderdale or Miami Airport.

We’ve been two times in NY and both of them have been during fall. We like to travel in October as it is the best weather in the city. What I like to call “AC kind of weather” but also because you can find deals from $120 round trip.

Where to Stay in NY.

If this is the first time you are staying in NY city we recommend you to stay in Manhattan in a hotel that has most of the main attraction close by and for that we picked Royalton New York  which is right on 5th with 6th avenue just 2 minutes away from Times Square and 15 minutes walking from Central Park (favorite place in Manhattan).

Its price varies depending on the season but you can get it from low as $165  and believe me, it is so worth it. Check out that lobby!


Royalton New York is super well designed and makes you feel in a luxury hotel the entire stay. The hotel is prepared to offer the full experience from the moment you check-in at the front desk. Plus, they offer continental breakfast every morning and I can tell you from our experience this is an upscaled kind of breakfast.


Ready to see the room?

Do I even have to explain to you why you need to book this hotel room? Hint #BathroomGoals.

And last but not least

They have a full bartender service every night and the cocktails are to die for!



Ok, now let’s get to the good stuff. The places you need to visit.


Central Park.


Central Park is my favorite place in Manhattan. Where the buildings and nature collide.

My favorite activity to do here is to eat at a food truck and do Ice skating. It’s so beautiful you feel like in a movie.

Flat Iron.

This time they were renewing the building but Flat Iron is such a gorgeous zone. Many restaurants and parks and my favorite thing EATALY! We always go there for pizza + gelato (that can never go wrong)

The High Line.


This might be my second favorite thing.

The High Line used to be one of the old NYC subway lines. From here you can see the buildings and enjoy a nice stroll. Also, what we like to do is pick up some lobster sandwiches from Chelsea Market and eat them in these benches whenever is not raining.

At the end of the High Line,you can get to the Vessel!

The Vessel



To get to see The Vessel you need to do a virtual line. We recommend you to get the tickets before getting there. No worries, The Vessel is free.

Times Square


We literally spent 5 minutes (ok, maybe 10 minutes) in Times Square. It is not my favorite place but you really need to check it out if this your first time going to NY.

Our advice on the best pictures in this place? Get there at 5 am. You won’t see so many people gather in there.

My favorite place, Brooklyn.

First of all,let’s appreciate the Brooklyn Bridge.


Just walk the whole thing and take the subway back to Manhattan after you have explored Dumbo.


Take the typical photo and explore the streets and stores around it and you will know why is my favorite place in the city.


Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Grab a pizza and watch the amazing sunset with the skyline as the background. Stay to see the city lights turn on.


Barceloneta Miami: Tapas and drinks done right

Barceloneta is a Spanish restaurant located in Miami Beach. Their specialties are tapas, seafood and the most amazing cocktails I’ve ever had. In the minute you step in Barceloneta you can feel the whole Spanish winery or bar vibe. It’s a modern ambient with a touch of European culture.

What you need to know

Go for dinner or lunch with the special someone. Get ready for some seriously delicious cocktails.

  • Go for dinner or lunch with the special someone. Get ready for some seriously delicious cocktails.
  • You’ll spend (three tapas, two cocktails) around $75 per person.
  • Happy Hour weekdays from 4-6 pm and Tuesdays all day!
  • Dress Code Night out outfit -see examples below-
  • Waiters/Bartenders know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about.
  • Rank:  outstanding review in TripAdvisor, featured in Miami New Times, Open Table and Zagat. 
  • Favorite dishes: Barceloneta Pulpo A Feira, Tosta de Chroizo, Patatas Bravas.
  • Favorite cocktail:  Gazpacho Bloody Mary.




Hey! it’s Dani again! Writing to you from the comfort of my home holding a Stella Artois on a weekday. That’s how you know how much I appreciate good alcohol and amazing cocktails outside the ordinary. And Barceloneta knows how to do cocktails just right.

This time I visited the restaurants with my blogger friends (kisses bellas) and the attention was amazing. We had a full explanation of every tapa and cocktail from the owner itself.

I don’t want to make this post any longer because I know that some of you don’t like to read as much and you want to cut straight to the chase. So, here are my favorites.

Good Tapas to remember

I’ve told before how much I enjoy seafood right? Well, one of my favorite things from the sea is the octopus. Barcelonetta introduced to us the “Barceloneta Pulpo A Feira” a delicious octopus served with an amazing mash potato. Our next favorite was “tosta de chorizo” with an amazing meat serve with a red sauce and “Patatas Bravas”, potatoes serve with a touch of spicy sauce and a sweet aftertaste.


Drinks to Remember

Want to try a different cocktail with a beautiful presentation? Barceloneta is the place to do it. Once we got inside the restaurant the received us with a variety of cocktails. Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Martinis and some others made with different fruits.

Our choices were:

Gazpacho Bloody Mary


and, Passion Fruit Gin & Tonic with blueberries


It doesn’t matter what you order, we can tell you with total confidence that you’ll love any drink or tapa in Barceloneta. Plus, they have a lot of vegan options, too.

There’s no excuse to go the next weekend to this place in Miami Beach.



Our first blog post!

Hello babes!

Welcome to our new website!  (Crowd going crazy)

We can’t wait for you to read our posts about all the exciting things that you can do around Miami and the world!

Before we start, let us introduce us.

We are Daniela and Nicola, a couple of photographers and videographers from Venezuela living in Miami, who are always in the search of a new exciting place to visit. We started our journey in the digital world through Instagram and since then we feel like we found our passion.

We created this space to share a few things we’re passionate for and that we know you love to read about!

We’ll be sharing our favorite restaurants and all the details about them like how much you can spend on a meal, how to dress, the decoration, type of restaurant: if it’s better for brunching, lunch, dinner or a special location. We’ll be giving all those insights you are always wondering about when you go to visit a new place.

We’re also posting about our travel tips. This year we made the commitment to travel and explore more often, so as we can’t book a flight each month, we decided to get a tent and a few accessories and start exploring our National Parks and different places around South Florida where you can get by car. Yeap, that’s coming your way too. If you ever hesitated about going camping anywhere because you don’t know how the experience is going to be, no worries, we got you covered!

And the last thing we’ll be sharing with you is, of course, our thoughts and feelings as a couple. We know you want to see food and exciting places but sometimes we all need that word of advice or just read something we can relate to and feel more like normal people and not like a total mess!

So here it is guys, enjoy it!

We can’t wait to hear your comments about it!