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This past weekend we went to Ginnie Springs, a natural spring near Gainsville, Florida and it was a total paradise. Some of you had a bunch of questions of what to bring, the ticket price and all the tips we could share so here’s a detailed guide of what we did.

There’s a bunch of springs around Central Florida

Ginnie springs are not the only natural spring you can find in Florida, in fact two years ago we got engaged in a road trip we did with friends to the springs.

Some of our favorites were:

Silver Glen Springs

Bonita Springs. 

And Devils Denn. 

So if you want to take a long road trip to this side of Florida, consider visiting some of these springs too!

Ginnie Springs is HUGE but the springs are actually small.

Another thing to take into consideration is that Ginnie Spring is gorgeous and it has plenty of space for camping but the actual springs with that crystal blue water are actually quite small. Consider visiting Ginnie in a low season so you have more space to enjoy this gem.

The Drive.

We drove from Miami to Tampa for a quick stay in the city and from Tampa, we drove two more hours to Ginnie Springs, so yes is quite far.

The entrance fee.


The entrance fee is around $32 per vehicle and if you want to camp is $46 the night. We totally recommend camping because the hotels around the area are NOT worth at all and they are quite expensive for what they are.

You can also make a camping reservation through their website and you can sign the waiver online as well so you can save time when you arrive at the springs.

They also have a bunch of rentals, you can rent from Wet Suits to inflatables to snorkeling gear in the entrance office.

There’s also kayaks and paddles for rent and I think this is the greatest option for the months where the springs are colder than usual.


What to bring

Along with your camping gear (if you are staying the night) we recommend bringing towels, a sweater, your swimsuit (of course), a big cooler, tons of ice and maybe something to cook some BBQ as all the picnic areas are equipped with one of these.

We also recommend getting a power bank to charge your phone and consider buying a water case for your phone as well. The underwater pictures you can get here are breathtaking.

You are probably going to get hungrier than usual during the day because of all the physical activity. We decided to reduce our waste and bring snacks that were inside flexible packages like the one in the picture.


What we love the most about these packages is that we can re-use them for leftovers, other snacks, for home-baked cookies, while we take care of the environment. With all the recent developments in the world is so important that we learn how to take care of the earth and Perfect packaging is here supporting that with packages like this one similar to Ziploc bag.

We took all our perfect packaging snacks back home with us and left as little garbage as possible in the park. Try to do this as well and the park rangers will thank you!

And mother earth too!