This article is sponsored by  Drizly. All thoughts and ideas are my own.


So this year Nico and I decided to host some gatherings at our home. Actually, we are having one right now before New Year’s Eve to celebrate it with friends as we are not going to be around on the 31st.

I am NOT the best hostess and quite frankly it is very stressful to have people over but the things that one does for love right? So in this blog post, I’m going to give you my 3 simple tricks to make the holiday hosting easier.

We all love small bites.

There is no need to overwhelm yourself trying to prepare these delicious but complicated plates. We all love going to parties where there are food, dessert and a lot of alcohol.


I love to make Burrata and prosciutto bars which are self-service, they look amazing and also they are pretty easy to accomplish.

Hummus and pita bread are also always a safe choice to offer during the evening.

An old fashioned: Cheese Table!

I know, I know. It is not the most original advice but they always look nice and people always love them. Have them set up with some crackers as well so your guests can have something to pick up the cheese with.

Also, you can use this super cute Cheese Table that I got for Christmas that is going to look perfect in your coffee table.


Now we need something sweet.

I’m all about practical things and also yummy things. You can either order a cake from your local grocery store or you can have some compliments headed your way with a simple but great brownie with hot fudge + ice cream. Is there a better combination than that? I don’t think so.

You can have them cut in little pieces for your guests to serve themselves while they look super cute in your table.

No time for decoration? No problem.

Yes, you have the Christma’s tree up but is NYE and you have no idea what to do for this type of party.

Safe choice? BALLOONS!


You can do it as easy as just buying the folio balloons directly from Amazon Prime and have it arrive home by the next day, or if you are feeling crafty try to make an arch with small and big balloons like the ones on the photo.



No time to pick up to Booze? We got you!


We’ve been there, done that. You got everything you needed but you are still missing the most important thing: THE BOOZE! 

Well, this is the best hack we have ever found. You can order your favorite spirits with the Drizly App and have them delivered to your door within 1 hour. Is there anything better than that? You don’t even have to move away from your couch to get that amazing wine that you love.


We have used them twice, for Christmas and our NYE party but I think it is great for when you have unexpected guests coming to your house or if you are feeling like having cocktails and you don’t want to change your PJ’s.

You can use the code HOLIDAYCHEERS to have free delivery on your first order and start the celebration early!

You forgot something?

You can also have things like cups, crackers, ice, etc with Drizly. So lay back and enjoy your party. You deserve it.