It feels like centuries have gone by since I sat down to write a blog post about one of our trips. But well, today is the day! And we want to dedicate this blog post to the world’s capital: New York!

New York has this amazingly strong vibe that makes you feel like you can achieve anything while you are in the city. My favorite thing is walking down the streets while listening to at least three different languages in every corner. My second favorite is, of course, the food and the super-cheap tickets from Miami or Fort Lauderdale airport.

When to travel to NY.

Ticket’s price around $110 – $150 from Fort Lauderdale or Miami Airport.

We’ve been two times in NY and both of them have been during fall. We like to travel in October as it is the best weather in the city. What I like to call “AC kind of weather” but also because you can find deals from $120 round trip.

Where to Stay in NY.

If this is the first time you are staying in NY city we recommend you to stay in Manhattan in a hotel that has most of the main attraction close by and for that we picked Royalton New York  which is right on 5th with 6th avenue just 2 minutes away from Times Square and 15 minutes walking from Central Park (favorite place in Manhattan).

Its price varies depending on the season but you can get it from low as $165  and believe me, it is so worth it. Check out that lobby!


Royalton New York is super well designed and makes you feel in a luxury hotel the entire stay. The hotel is prepared to offer the full experience from the moment you check-in at the front desk. Plus, they offer continental breakfast every morning and I can tell you from our experience this is an upscaled kind of breakfast.


Ready to see the room?

Do I even have to explain to you why you need to book this hotel room? Hint #BathroomGoals.

And last but not least

They have a full bartender service every night and the cocktails are to die for!



Ok, now let’s get to the good stuff. The places you need to visit.


Central Park.


Central Park is my favorite place in Manhattan. Where the buildings and nature collide.

My favorite activity to do here is to eat at a food truck and do Ice skating. It’s so beautiful you feel like in a movie.

Flat Iron.

This time they were renewing the building but Flat Iron is such a gorgeous zone. Many restaurants and parks and my favorite thing EATALY! We always go there for pizza + gelato (that can never go wrong)

The High Line.


This might be my second favorite thing.

The High Line used to be one of the old NYC subway lines. From here you can see the buildings and enjoy a nice stroll. Also, what we like to do is pick up some lobster sandwiches from Chelsea Market and eat them in these benches whenever is not raining.

At the end of the High Line,you can get to the Vessel!

The Vessel



To get to see The Vessel you need to do a virtual line. We recommend you to get the tickets before getting there. No worries, The Vessel is free.

Times Square


We literally spent 5 minutes (ok, maybe 10 minutes) in Times Square. It is not my favorite place but you really need to check it out if this your first time going to NY.

Our advice on the best pictures in this place? Get there at 5 am. You won’t see so many people gather in there.

My favorite place, Brooklyn.

First of all,let’s appreciate the Brooklyn Bridge.


Just walk the whole thing and take the subway back to Manhattan after you have explored Dumbo.


Take the typical photo and explore the streets and stores around it and you will know why is my favorite place in the city.


Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Grab a pizza and watch the amazing sunset with the skyline as the background. Stay to see the city lights turn on.