Hello babes!

Welcome to our new website!  (Crowd going crazy)

We can’t wait for you to read our posts about all the exciting things that you can do around Miami and the world!

Before we start, let us introduce us.

We are Daniela and Nicola, a couple of photographers and videographers from Venezuela living in Miami, who are always in the search of a new exciting place to visit. We started our journey in the digital world through Instagram and since then we feel like we found our passion.

We created this space to share a few things we’re passionate for and that we know you love to read about!

We’ll be sharing our favorite restaurants and all the details about them like how much you can spend on a meal, how to dress, the decoration, type of restaurant: if it’s better for brunching, lunch, dinner or a special location. We’ll be giving all those insights you are always wondering about when you go to visit a new place.

We’re also posting about our travel tips. This year we made the commitment to travel and explore more often, so as we can’t book a flight each month, we decided to get a tent and a few accessories and start exploring our National Parks and different places around South Florida where you can get by car. Yeap, that’s coming your way too. If you ever hesitated about going camping anywhere because you don’t know how the experience is going to be, no worries, we got you covered!

And the last thing we’ll be sharing with you is, of course, our thoughts and feelings as a couple. We know you want to see food and exciting places but sometimes we all need that word of advice or just read something we can relate to and feel more like normal people and not like a total mess!

So here it is guys, enjoy it!

We can’t wait to hear your comments about it!